How do I place my order?
Simply go through the checkout process through our shopping cart. As a second option you can email your order directly to .

NOTE: Due to the nature of our shopping cart system, the last page within our shopping cart (the page where you are submitting your order) may load a bit slowly in certain browsers. Therefore ,Please allow up to 10 seconds for it to load completely.

Other pages loads perfectly.

Are the medications that you list on your site the only ones that you carry?
There are a few medicines (HTF items) that are not listed on our site.  To get access to these medications , simply send us an email at

Do you have other medications available, except for those listed on your site and on your off site product list?
Most brands of regular meds are available. Therefore its a good chance that we can get what you are looking for.  Just send us an email with the name of the medication and we’ll check if its available.

Which email provider can I use to contact you?
You can send us an email from any email provider. However  we recommend to sign up for a Anonymous Email service at some point.

Where do I email general inquiries about your products /services?
When there is sensitive info such as payment info involved, you should always send your questions/ concerns to

Where do I send the payment details after I have sent you the funds?
When there is payment information involved, you should email the info to .

How long does delivery take and how much is the cost of shipping?

Express Stamp usually takes between 5 and 10 days  $35-$45

Regular Airmail usually takes 7-14 days to arrive to you ⇨  $19

? EMS usually takes 3-6 days  $75

? DHL usually takes 3-7 days  $70


NOTE:  Safest way of shipping regards to success rate/ customs, is the ‘Express Stamp option’ with online Tracking ($45)

Our shipping fees applies regardless of the size of your order.

Is express shipment advisable?
Due to the low cost, our most used shipping option is regular airmail.
However, in case your order contains any high risk items such as pain medications or benzodiazepines, it is advisable that you choose the Express Stamp shipping (with tracking) option instead.  That way you can keep an eye on your package the whole way and you also have the option of whether you want to accept or refuse the shipment upon delivery.

However, keep in mind there has been no reports of customs seizures using this very safe shipping method. Therefore, unless your package has spent more than 10 days in customs, we do not recommend to refuse the package upon delivery.

‘Express stamp shipping’ includes Special Packaging which ensures there will be no problems with customs ,with 99.99% certainty.

As a alternative, you may choose to have your goods shipped via EMS or DHL. Delivery time for EMS shipments is 3-6 days and you will also receive an email with your tracking number on shipment.

What if I have yet to receive my package within the estimated delivery time?
In 95% of cases, goods are delivered within the estimated delivery time. However, delivery to very remote locations can take up to 18 days, so count days before writing to us about a non-receipt of an order.
In case you have not received your parcel within 18 days, make sure to let us know so we can investigate the matter.

Can I pick up the products in person?
Yes. Simply email us for ‘local pick up’ instructions. 
You will receive a prompt reply with the address of one of our offices.  You may then bring the cash to pay and receive your medications in person.  As a second option, our delivery person can deliver the medications to your hotel or residence. 

Can I have my products shipped to a PO-Box?
We will ship your products to any address. PO-Boxes, APO-FPO-Military base, workplace etc are all accepted.

Will i be required to sign for my pack upon delivery?
A signature is not required for packages shipped via regular airmail or via ‘express stamp’ service. However for DHL shipments you may have to sign for the package.

Who are your partners? have cooperated closely with the largest hospitals and pharmacies in the region, and we are one of the few online pharmacies to have achieved accreditation from Charity Watch.

How do you ship?
Your goods are shipped using the most sophisticated packaging methods. Not even the delivery person will know what is inside!

Is there a minimum order amount?
We have been doing this for so many years now. Therefore we have built up enough trust among our regular clients  to set a minimum order amount.  It is set very reasonable at 85$.

Is it cheaper to order large quantities?
For orders above 1000$ there is a 10% discount.

Why do you keep selling these meds despite being criticized for it?
You may say that we at do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities. Our goal is to be as much involved in humanitarian aid as possible.  We will stand firm and not compromise our values amid pressure to do so.

I would also like to take the opportunity to say that I am greatly honored by the support of our colleagues from the M.U.   Thank you very much Dr Parker , Charles ,Elanor and all the others that has shown their support!  We may have broken a few rules along the way (as Charles once put it), but in our minds the children and the consumer comes first! 

I am the owner of a Online pharmacy. Do I pay regular prices?
If you require large quantities of medications on a regular basis, special rates applies.  For a quote, email us directly at .

How are my products prepared?
All  orders are prepared with great care and delivered in a discreet envelope/package with no indication of the content. If you order large quantities ,your order will be shipped to you in two or more packages.

What kind of payment do you accept? 
Payment by Credit Card, Western Union ,Bitcoin or Paypal.

How successful is your delivery?
With customs the success rate is 98%-100% for shipments to most countries. To Australia the success rate is 95-98%. However with our ‘special packaging’/express stamp service the success rate is nearly 100% to most countries. We have had only 2 customs seizures in 3 years using this very secure shipping method.

How long have you been doing this?
We at have been in this business for over a decade now. We were among the first importers of a whole range of anabolic steroids, as well as ADHD / Weight loss / Pain management medication such as oxycodone/ generic percocet 10 mg , dicodin, Anti obesity  meds such as phentermine , clenbuterol , T3 ,generic adderall ,generic dexedrine  and of course tranquilizers  such as diazepam , rivotril, alprazolam etc.

Do you have a reship policy?
In the very unlikely event of a customs seizure we require you to send us the “seizure letter” that you received from customs. Upon receipt of this letter we will immediately reship your order at no additional cost.
In cases where your order has not arrived within 21 days ,please let us know so we can investigate the matter. We will then try to establish exactly what has happened with your shipment. 

Where are your meds manufactured?
Most of our medications are imported from Western Europe and are of the highest quality.  Simply put , We offer high quality drugs on a first-come first-served basis!

Do you ship worldwide?
Yes. We ship to all countries in the world.

Is a prescription required to order medications from your site?

It depends of the type of product ordered and the drug classification set by to the Food and Drug Administration in our locate. In addition the buyer is responsible to ensure the importation of the requested medication do not violate any import, export or other laws and regulations in his/ her home jurisdiction.

We will refuse to accept an order if its suspected that the buyer are attempting to breach International Law in any way, or when its suspected that the buyer are not complying with all applicable laws and regulations in their home jurisdiction.

In these cases any money paid will be refunded and the order cancelled.