Our Payment options:

BITCOIN: (30% extra meds on all bitcoin orders) Please see our Guide to Paying with Bitcoins further down on the page.

ALTCOINS: (20% extra meds when paying with altcoins)
We accept Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, NEO, Komodo, Cardano, Monero, Dash, Ethereum Classic, Zcash, Stratis, Stellar,Waves, Ripple and Ark .
To pay with any of these coins you should email your order directly to support@don.doctor
If you would like to pay with a coin not listed above, you should email us to check whether we accept it first.

WESTERN UNION: You can pay in cash by visiting one of Western Union’s offices, or you can pay using your credit card through western Union’s site www.westernunion.com .
*To make up for the transaction fees, 10% extra meds are added on all western union orders

PAYPAL: Checkout through our site or email your order to support@don.doctor . We will reply promptly with your subtotal and info on where to send the payment.

Note: We accept a limited number of paypal payments per month. If the quota has been reached, you will not see paypal as a payment option on checkout until the 1st of the next month. For instance, when the maximum number of paypal payments for November have been reached, the paypal option will not be available again before the 1st of December.  In that case you may choose to pay via bitcoin or western union instead ,or you may wait until paypal quota are reset on the 1st of the following month.


bitcoins btc online pharmacy

The thought of paying with BitCoins can feel daunting, however, it can be really simple!

BitCoin is a electronic currency, a network that is not backed by any single bank or authority, like Euro , USD ,Pounds and so on. It’s completely decentralized, so no one organization or person can be considered to be the owner. It can be used globally by any person with a laptop, computer or smartphone. Furthermore, bitcoins are the first instance of a “cryptocurrency” (online cash), a popular and fast growing new form of money.

So Don … Why should I use BitCoins instead of other payment methods?

 ⇨ EXTRA MEDS ON ORDERS! That’s right – 30% extra meds will be added to your order when paid for in bitcoins.

?  Bitcoin is not backed by any individual, group or financial institution. It is decentralized. There is no authority that can block a bitcoin transfer. BitCoin is completely safe. With this payment method we can provide you with much better online service, securely and safely.
(Note: the value of Bitcoins fluctuates so the amount you have may increase or decrease slightly with market forces over time)

? ⇨ 24 / 7 – Around the clock – BitCoin payments are always available. It’s comparable to our other payment methods (western union, PayPal, credit/debit cards etc) but with a much higher level of privacy and anonymity. No more trips to the Western Union office, and if you change your mind you can cash-out any left over funds.

? ⇨ It’s anonymous. Account verification might be mandatory for a few of the Bitcoin Exchanges, places where you can buy the coins, but you don’t need to do this for your personal wallet or wallets. Any payment(s) can be completed from either a single or multiple wallets.

? ⇨ It requires considerably less time for payment confirmations and no added fees or credit card security issues. For example, We need 12-24 hours to verify and pick up a Western Union payment, but just 5 to 10 minutes to verify a BitCoin payment. This means we can ship out your order faster, in most cases on the same day that we receive your payment.

Ok I get it… So what is the first step?

You will need to create a BitCoin wallet. Think of this as a standard wallet ,a place where you keep your cash and bank cards.

You may visit wallet-info which explains in more details regarding creating a BitCoin wallet. However,  in this guide we will keep it simple and give you basic instructions on how to create your bitcoin wallet.

Some excellent mobile platform wallets for Android and iOS:

You may use the services above directly from your browser if needed, both on mobile and desktop. The two-factor authentication can always be implemented which adds some extra bonuses to your wallet’s security.

Explain more…

When you have created your wallet, you will receive an wallet address. This is where you will ask your BitCoins to be sent to when you purchase online. When you order medications from us, you will receive an address to SEND bitcoins to, then you simply proceed to your wallet, input our wallet address and the amount of BitCoins and click send! We receive the BitCoins and ship out your order!

Very well Don… So exactly how can I buy these “BitCoins” quickly and easily?

There are dozens of reliable places to buy your bitcoins from. You may want to use a “compare the market” type search at buybitcoinworldwide , just enter your location and preferred payment methods and it will display and compare numerous sites.

Buying bitcoins online using your credit/debit card:

⇨ coincorner








Note: Buying with a credit/debit card is usually instant while bank deposits takes 1-3 days.

Buying bitcoins via Bank Transfer, cash, paypal, e-currencies or other methods:

buy bitcoins UK

Buying Bitcoin via bitcoin ATMs.

Please use coinatmradar to find a bitcoin ATM near you, which allows you to buy Bitcoins. You can specify our bitcoin address on the ATM screen to pay directly to us. Therefore you don’t even need to have a bitcoin wallet to pay via bitcoin atm’s.

I have a wallet, and I have bought some BitCoins, how to send?

Bitcoin makes use of numbered addresses for sending and receiving funds ( you can have multiple addresses within the same wallet if you like). From here its very easy, similar to PayPal which uses an e-mail address .

A bitCoin address would look similar to this: 242ZcJ8ofRDKyccGmjGQHH38HNbQL5mZxW

Do not stress about it, you will not have to memorize your bitcoin address(es)! As pointed out earlier, you may have several payment addresses in your BitCoin wallet. Try to follow a simple rule: one payment, one address.
Every time you hit the Receive button in your wallet, a new receiving address will be generated, or you will find an option there to generate the addresses manually.

If you need any help or support, just send us an email and we will be more than happy to advise you on how to proceed. Once you have initially setup a wallet, it will be smooth sailing from there on !