We are a European owned company and throughout our journey we have been accredited by several high profile figures within the pharmacy Industry. Therefore as a established company ,we are 100% committed to deliver your goods within the promised time frame.  That is our guarantee to you!

Don, Don.doctor
Part of Don Pharmacy Group

Additional info:  Don.doctor is operated by Dr Don

Other Don.doctor staff worth mentioning would be Mike ,the Head of our shipping Department,  our customer department chief Lisa,  and not to forget Ellen who is responsible for handling imports and taxes.

Dr Don , the President of our Online pharmacy,   holding a P.H.D Degree in Pharmacology,  studied in Germany and in the Austrian town of Innsbruck before finally becoming a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine.  However after practicing as a doctor for several years, Don decided to move to warmer climates. He started to involve himself in charity work while at the same time opening up a chain of brick and mortar pharmacies throughout the region.

Advantages of shopping with us:
-No appointments or embarrassment
-maintain better health
-Fast Shipping
-low prices
-FDA/WHO approved drugs
-large inventory
-Discreet packaging
-no signature required upon delivery
-Delivery guaranteed worldwide

Don.Doctor goes further than just operating a online pharmacy under the local Asian Laws and Standards. Our management and staff comply with European and US standards as well.  Moving forwards to help poor children, as well as helping our clients receive their meds, there is no doubt that we have a important responsibility. 

Despite being criticized for projecting a more liberal attitude towards prescribing these medications , we will not compromise our firm stand regarding consumers basic rights to buy their meds online.  In our minds, you have the right to receive the medication that you require without any hassle and without a bunch of questions asked!

As mentioned earlier, a large part of our profits goes to charities,  mainly towards food supplies and creating a home and educational opportunities for poor children.  Therefore, when you place an order through our online pharmacy, you are not only ordering medications. You are also preventing malnutrition in those children (through our ‘Child Care Assistance Program’).

If you have any questions regarding your order or regarding the service provided by our online pharmacy, just send us an email at one of the emails listed below.  We will do our best to answer any questions that you may have.

Our Secure Contact email:

support@don.doctor (OTR/high tech encryption)

Hours of operation:  Customer service 24/7
shipping department :  mon – fri 9 am – 5 pm,  Sat 9 am-1  pm