Dexamfetamine 5 mg (dexedrine)


Brand Equivalent: Dexedrine
Ingredients: dextroamphetamine
Content: 112 tabs / each tab 5 mg
Shape: Scored round tablets
Dosage Form: Instant release


Dexamfetamine Useful Info.

NOTE: these dexamfetamine pills are of such a small size that they fit into a C7 envelope(11.4cm X 8.1 cm). Therefore it will pass just as a regular letter without any custom problems.

Dexamfetamine sulphate is a central nervous system stimulant similar to adderall.  However it is not the same as adderall.

Dexamfetamine sulphate (Instant release) contains dextroamphetamine only, and it is a very effective ADHD medication.  It can be used in both children and adults. However certain considerations should be taken when it dexedrine is given to a child.  Usually the child will start out with 10 mg a day. Doses should be increased slowly, and if there is any side effects /adverse symptoms, the medication should be discontinued. As a alternative the dose can be lowered.  Dextroamphetamine affects chemicals in the brain to make you more alert.  These effects has to do with nerves that contribute to hyperactivity.  Dextroamphetamine also affect impulse control.

Dexampfetamine sulphate is used to treat narcolepsy. It is widely used for this purpose. However it can also be used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).  Both adults and children can use this medication.


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