Humalog penfill 100iu /3ml


Ingredients:  Insulin Lispro
Manufactured by Eli Lilly
Content: 1box (5X100iu/3ml)






INSULIN is commonly used in power, speed, and aerobic sports to greatly enhance recovery of muscle glycogen and for muscle growth. Rapid
acting insulin is injected immediately after training, or after each day in a stage race, or if racing more than once in the day. The athlete will eat a
lot of simple carbs immediately post injection and at timed intervals after this point. Muscle glycogen and super loading of the muscle with glycogen
occurs rapidly. Quick recovery of muscle glycogen stores and liver glycogen stores makes for enhanced nervous system recovery and general
muscle cell recovery too….just like with HGH and IGF-1.
Bodybulders also use this compound either before ,during or after training-sessions.

NOTE: If you don’t know what you are doing with insulin then you have a good chance of killing yourself via insulin shock(super low blood glucose).
DO NOT mess with this stuff unless you know exactly what you are doing!!! Like epo it is safe if you know what you are doing ,so read up on it bro;)
if you don’t it may kill you ..