Letromina Alpha Pharma (Femara)


Origin: Alpha Pharma
Content: 30tabs/ each tab 2,5 mg
Composition: letrozole


Letromina Alpha Pharma Useful Info.

Letromina Alpha Pharma is a type II (nonsteroidal) third-generation aromatase inhibitor.
It is generically known as letrozole which is the strongest aromatase inhibitor around. In women with breast cancer, it’s been proven to lessen estrogen levels by 98%. Or more. Nevertheless, the advantages of this drug are not restricted to removing estrogen in girls.
Nolvadex or Proviron can not ward off the negative effects of powerful androgens like this drug can. Letrozole makes long cycles a lot more easy on the body.

Letromina and excess estrogen.

For the steroid using sportsman, Letromina Alpha Pharma shows great potential. Until now, drugs like nolvadex and proviron have been our defense against excessive estrogen. These medications, particularly in combination, do prove fairly successful. However this drug seems competent to do the job with less hassle and a lot better. Early reports have been outstanding.

Letromina Dosages.

One pill daily appears to be all one needs for an extraordinary effect. Some even report outstanding results with just 1/4 pill daily. When used with powerful and easily aromatizing androgens such as Dianabol or testosterone, water retention is efficiently blocked.   I should say that using Letrozole at a low dose like this does make it a great economical choice.  At least when compared with other aromatase inhibitors.
For pre-contest bodybuilders, Letrozole Alpha Pharma is practically a requirement to get rid of water retention.   Yet, in my experience, it should be utilized for the last 4-6 weeks only. The aim is to remove excessive estrogen and water retention. I advocate staying away from any estrogen suppressing drugs for no less than a month after letrozole use. The aim is to try and normalize the body after using Letrozole.


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