VIP Section 1 Membership

$199 $75

The price for membership is $75.00 now.

Membership expires after 5 Years.

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Hey There! VIP-Section 1 membership will open the doors to Exclusive deals on Pain medications , benzodiazepines etc, especially for bulk buyers.

A few examples of these type of meds are as following: Hospital dispensed adderall,  bulk deals on a wide range of pain medications such as oxycodone 10 mg and codeine,  benzodiazepine bulk deals such as valium, xanax etc, and a wide range of much sought after stimulants (ritalin, concerta, ephedrine and more).Furthermore there will be free coupons which can save you up to 90% discount on certain products at certain times of the year.

The VIP- section 1 membership plan is now priced very reasonable at $75 which automatically grants you access to the VIP-zone (level 1) . After all its all about saving dollars and good health, just remember, knowledge is Power and real power can only grow in a healthy and positive environment built on of the principles of inner strength ,also known as ‘Qi energy‘.

So sign up now and get access to special deals!