Nandrobolin Alpha Pharma


Origin: Alpha Pharma
Content: 10 amps/each amp 250mg/1ml
Composition: Nandrolone Decanoate



Nandrobolin alpha pharma (nandrolone decanoate)

Around the world, Nandrobolin or “Deca” is one of the most famous injectable steroids. Its popularity is probably due to the fact that Nandrobolin shows highly anabolic effects with minimal androgenic side effects which will cause the body weight of the user to increase. this brand of nandrolone decaonate also has a real favorable impact on the user’s immune system.  It is famous for creating quality weight increases when used for at least 7-13 weeks. Its very often combined with some form of testosterone for even better results. Deca durabolin (nandrobolin) has an extremely long half life. It stays active up to ten days. Due to this, one weekly shot of this very potent anabolic steroid is usually sufficient. It ought to be enough to keep steady and high blood levels.

Nandrolone decaonate and the Body

It has favourable effects on the body and is a really good alternative for professional athletes. The only issue is bloating. However any bloating can be counteracted using Nandrobolin in the given ratios: (600mg/wk-0.25milligrams Every day, 800mg/week- 0.5milligrams every day). There is really no weight loss after use if anti-estrogens are utilized to control the bloat. This steroid offers great benefits especially when it is used in combination with a Testosterone ester such as TE-300.

Nandrobolin Cycles

For bodybuilding, nandrolone decaonate can efficiently be integrated into both mass and cutting cycles. It works well used along with a Sustanon brand such as Induject-250, Dianabol (d-bolic 10) or anapoloon-50 which is also known under it’s brand name anadrol. One significant drawback to Deca is the fact that its detectable in a drug test for as long as a year after use. Sadly for many competitive athletes, this makes nandrolone decaonate and other Nandrolone-substances unusable before a major competition. It is also a relatively expensive anabolic. However, it is considered by many as the best overall steroid for a man to use.

Nandrolone decaonate doses.

Deca is most often injected once weekly at a dosage of 200mg-400mg.


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