Oxetine 20 (generic prozac)



Ingredients:  fluoxetine
Manufactured by  Pharmaland
Content:  100 caps /each cap 20mg  




What exactly is Oxetine.

Prozac (oxetine), the generic version of prozac,  affects chemicals in the brain.  Certain areas of the brain could become unbalanced and cause depression. It could also cause panic, anxiety, or obsessive compulsive symptoms.

Oxetine and other medications.

Oxetine 20 is occasionally used jointly with another medicine. This other medicine is called Olanzapine (Zyprexa). It is used to treat depression due to bipolar disorder (manic depression). The mixture of the two medications are used to treat depression. It is usually set into action after at least 2 other medicines are attempted without successful treatment of symptoms.