stilnox 10 mg (ambien) 300 tabs

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Ingredients:   zolpidem tartrate
Origin:  Sanofi Aventis, France
Content:  15 boxes (300 tabs) /each tab  10 mg


Stilnox 10 mg General info

ATTN:  Our stilnox pills are of such a small size that 300 pills are easily fitted into a very small envelope (the C7 envelope). This type of envelope is only 11.4cm X 8.1 cm and as a result your shipment will not be noticed by customs officers. Due to the small volume combined with our special packaging methods (carbon-fitted paper to combat customs-x-ray machines + anti pill- bounce technology) , it will pass just as a regular letter without any customs problems.

Stilnox 10 mg, also known as Ambien and/or zolpidem, is a sedative drug mainly used for the treatment of trouble sleeping. Stilnox will start to work within just a few minutes of taking it on an empty stomach. It is very effective in initiating sleep and also effective for maintaining sleep throughout the night. It’s hypnotic effects are similar to those of rohypnol (flunitrazepam) but with less side effects.