Testorapid Alpha Pharma



Origin: Alpha Pharma
Pack: 10 amps/ each amp 1ml (100mg/ml)
Composition: Testosterone Propionate


Testorapid by Alpha-Pharma.

Testorapid is a bulking steroid that is very powerful.

In situations where you would like big muscles quickly, you may consider to purchase this brand of testosterone propionate from our online pharmacy. This is actually the steroid of choice for most of Americans ,Europeans and Australians. It has been shown to produce quick results with the least side effects. Not tough on the liver. And low in toxicity.

Testorapid shortest Ester.

A lot of people that are purchasing this product online report that they start to grow. Almost immediately. As soon as three days from the first time they take it. The quicker results produced by this steroid are due to the fact that it includes more steroid ester per ampule compared to other forms of testosterone-esters. For your information, testosterone propionate has the shortest ester among all testosterone oils. This really is important since a shorter ester means the steroid is accessible much faster for the entire body to consume and grow on.

Testorapid Stacks.

What stacks nicely with testorapid Alpha Pharma ,you may ask. And the answer is… Everything and Anything!

Many individuals favorites are boldebolin (boldenone undeclyenate) or Deca durabolin (nandrolone decanoate). In fact anything will stack well with this compound. Different types of trenbolone, trenmix-200, Masteron (mast-100), Winstrol depot (rexogin), glonavar and our halotestin flurxy 5 are also favorites for many on a strength and /or cutting cycle.

It is vital that you keep in mind that since this stuff has such a short ester, most individuals stack it with other short acting steroids.  With all the positives listed above, it should also be pointed out that you will need to put up with regular shots for testorapid to be really effective. Otherwise you may as well use other drugs with a different and more convenient dosing protocol.

Testorapid Dosage Frequency.

Being a pro bodybuilder, you can take great advantage of the quick results that testosterone propionate produces and at the same time saving yourself from a lot of pain. It’s possible for you to take advantage of this steroid but only if you adhere to the frequent shots.  My suggestion is, until you get the desired results simply start your cycle with testorapid. Later on, you may change to a steroid with a longer ester. That way you will prevent frequent shots at the middle and end of your cycle.

Plenty of people that have had experience with various sorts of testosterone esters. however, many pros can personally back up the safety profile of this steroid. their advice is that testosterone propionate has the least side effects out of all the testosterone esters. When the user stops using testorapid, they feel back to normal in just a couple of days. Aside from having the least side effects, in addition, it will not fill you up with water as sustanon and some other esters will. You will not get that bloated look with testosterone propionate. We promise.

Testorapid and other sports.

Testosterone Propionate is also very popular in sports such as baseball, boxing, cycling ,basketball ,triathlon etc. One of the main reasons to this is because Testosterone Propionate doesn’t cause as much bloat as the other testosterone esters, which make it possible to make strength gains without losing endurance. When you buy testorapid online from our shop we will ship it very securely to avoid customs problems. We highly recommend to buy testobolin Alpha pharma only from our shop, as other suppliers may not offer the same quality.


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