Vitagon (HCG)


Ingredients:  human chorionic gonadotropin
Manufactured by Alpha pharma healthcare
Content: 1 vial (5000iu)




Vitagon HCG by alpha pharma Aditional Info.

Among sportsmen, Vitagon (HCG) is utilized to stimulate natural testosterone production. It is usually done during or following a steroid cycle that has caused natural amounts to be reduced.  The testes will then begin to create testosterone even when LH that is natural is absent. It can also be that LH is just deficient. It is very helpful for keeping testosterone levels up. This is the case when endogenous androgens are not present.

Risks of not using HCG.

If it is not used, a rapid decrease in the sportsman’s recently acquired muscle may occur.
A distinct crash could be prevented when it is used to stimulate natural testosterone generation.


Vitagon Dosages.

A daily quantity of 500 IU is usually enough. Dosage per day usually does not exceed 2500 IU.
A 29 gauge insulin needle and a standard syringe is advised.  Shot speed ought to be slow.
Usually this drug is unnecessary in small-scale anabolic steroid cycles where dosages are kept low.  Nevertheless, it is going to help normalize matters quicker than if it’s not used.  So for this additional advantage many decide to run it on-cycle anyway.