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YUWELL Digital Blood Pressure Monitor YE670A



YUWELL Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Model YE670A

This particular unit is an automatic blood pressure monitor with an Oscillating system.

Accuracy for pressure readings of ±3 mmHg and pulse rate of ±5% of reading.
The unit measures 127x93x74 mm. (The cuff can be used with arms size 20-45 cm.)
The display screen is an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display).
The pressure unit can be selected in mmHg and Kiloplascals.
Measuring range at a pressure of 60-230 mm Hg and a pulse rate of 40-130 beats per minute.
Up to 74 measurement values ​​can be stored
the measurement values ​​are automatically saved.

It runs on 4 AA (1.5V) batteries or a 6 Volt/600 mA adapter (included).
Blood Pressure Monitor Model YE670A can retrieve the average value of the last 3 measurements and the blood pressure, pulse rate, date, and time of each measurement.
full battery can be used 300 times

The machine will turn off automatically. If 30 seconds of inactivity is on the battery
cuff joint and the socket is orange to easily notice how to attach the arm cuff to the machine

Products are certified with CE, ISO13485 standards.


  • cuffs for adults (use with arms size 22-45 cm.) 1 set
  • 4 AA batteries
  • Adapter 1 set
  • 1 device bag

The display shows Date, Time, Systolic Pressure, Diastolic Pressure, Pulse Rate, Pressure Bar, Irregular Heartbeat Indicator, Cuff Indicator, Motion Detect Symbol. W, low battery symbol, recorded data sequence

How to use

Fit the upper arm strap snugly and 2 to 3 cm above the crook, while the meter should not move or move.


Read the warning label and medical device leaflet before use.
Blood pressure should not be measured right away. after exercising or after having a shower.

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