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YUWELL Digital Blood Pressure Monitor YE680E



YUWELL Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Model YE680E

Dimensions: 224x129x106 mm.

Can measure blood pressure in two systems:
1)Oscillometric Automatic measurement mode
2) Auscultatory measurement mode using a stethoscope.


Large LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) with Backlight
There is a storage cuff on the back, a handle, and cushioning on the side.
Can store 100 measurement values.
2 sizes of cuffs: M 20-32 cm., L 32-42 cm.
Approximate weight: body (without accessories) 594 g, battery 87 g, power adapter 78 g
Measuring range: pressure 0-280 mm Hg, pulse rate 40-200 beats per minute.
You can set the air inlet pump. Either automatic, 180, 230, or 280 mm Hg.
Accuracy for pressure of ±3 mmHg and a pulse rate of ±5% of reading.
Air pump and automatic air release
Power Input AC 100V-240V, 50/60 Hz, Output DC 6V, 1A
You can choose the value of the air pump.



  • User manual 1 set
  • Arm cuff size M, use with arms size 22-32 cm. 1 piece
  • Arm cuff size L, use with arms size 32-42 cm. 1 piece
  • 1 battery ( the battery can recharge)
  • 1 set of power connectors
  • 1 screwdriver

* The display shows Date, Time, Systolic Pressure, Diastolic Pressure, Pulse Rate, Irregular Heartbeat Indicator, Measurement Error, Low Battery Symbol, Recorded Data Sequence.


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