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YUWELL Oxygen Concentrator 8F-5AW – 5Liter



Oxygen Concentrator 5 Liters YUWELL Model 8F-5AW

General Info

An oxygen concentration less than or equal to 93% on room air calls for hospital admission, while that below 90% is classified as a severe disease, requiring admission in ICU.

Oxygen Concentrator – how does it work ?

We know that atmospheric air has roughly 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen. Oxygen concentrators are simple devices that do precisely what their name promises – they take in ambient air and increase the oxygen concentration, by filtering out and throwing away nitrogen.
These Oxygen concentrators work the same way in supplying oxygen needed by the body such as oxygen tanks or cylinders, with the use of a cannula, oxygen masks, or nasal tubes. The difference is that, while the cylinders need to be refilled, the Oxygen Concentrators can work 24 x 7.

Patients with moderate pneumonia induced by COVID-19 – with oxygen saturation less than 94 – can benefit from supplemental oxygen given through an oxygen concentrator, until they get hospital admission.

YUWELL Model 8F-5AW specific info

YUWELL Model 8F-5AW is an oxygen concentrator that separates oxygen from the air in the room.

for home use or hospital
Stunning design, compact size, light-weight, straightforward to move.

Property details

  • Oxygen flow rate 0.5-5 liters/min.
  • can be used when oxygen concentration between 87%-95%
  • Maximum output pressure 40-70 kPa
  • Pressure reducing mechanism 250 kPa ± 25 kPa
  • noise level 48 decibels (front) and 52 decibels (ambient)
  • Weight 15.5 kg.
  • LCD screen showing working time,
  • off-time setting
  • remote control – Control on-off and set time
  • The unit can be connected to the nebulizer kit. The nebulization rate is not less than 0.15 ml/min.


User manual 1 set
1 set of humidifier cylinder
2 Oxygen Cannula lines
1 x oxygen mask
1 nebulizer kit
1 set of spare air filter
1 remote

Warning and care

The machine should be placed in the shade and well-ventilated place. Avoid areas exposed to sunlight.

place at a distance of about 10 cm from the wall, furniture, or other things and should avoid placing on the carpet heater including other devices.

The humidification cylinder should be filled with clean boiled water. or medical distilled water Never use tap water. Because patients may be harmed by impure water. including precipitation of minerals or obstruction Normally, the water in the humidifier should be changed daily.

wash the humidifier cylinder every week.

In the case of moving the machine, the machine must be placed vertically only. And always remove the humidifier cylinder from the machine.

The filter should be cleaned Or change the filter every 2 weeks. It can be removed from the back of the machine for cleaning (change immediately when the filter is black)

change the filter in the machine at least every 6 months (contact the company distributor)

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