Generic Percocet Useful Information

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Generic Name: Oxycodone

Brand Name: Percocet

Note: This medicine is sold under various other brand names and formulations, including Oxycontin, Roxiocodone and Oxecta.

Drug Mechanism of Generic Percocet

Since it is a semisynthetic opioid, generic Percocet is prescribed for pain relief in severe cases. It works much like Morphine and Codeine.

Initially Percocet was synthesized as a support drug for other opioids. However, generic Percocet is now a stand-alone drug with online reviews on iopreviewer forum.

Addictiveness and Possibility of Overdosing

Oxycodone is the main ingredient in generic Percocet. Like other opioids, it also comes with addiction issues and risks of overdosing in cases of substance abuse.

Recreational Use Warnings

Generic Percocet is proven to be a very successful painkiller. As a narcotic analgesic, it also gets used recreationally.

Moreover, it reduces stress and is a potent sedative, which is why it should be used with caution.

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Generic Percocet in Medical Use

Generic Percocet has been the primary medicine for both short-term and chronic pain alleviation since the early 1917. However, it has been limited to prescribed usage due to it’s tendency to cause addiction.

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If you’re suffering from severe pain generic Percocet pills can give much needed relief. The extended release pill is to be consumed every 12 hours.

Generic Percocet has also been recommended as a Morphine alternative and works very well for cancer related pain. However, it can have mild side effects like hyperalgesia and discomfort if the recommended dosage is exceeded.

Generic Percocet Administration

Generic Percocet or Oxycodone can be used in various ways such as IV treatments and IM injections. These were common methods for post-operative pain relief during the early 1900s in Belgium. Similarly, the drug was also used by the military to treat soldiers.

Apart from Oxycodone’s anti-depressant qualities, it also has a considerable list of side effects such as:

Nausea and Puking
Dryness of the mouth
Excessive Perspiration
Breathing Difficulties
Cardiovascular Issues
Skin Issues
Circulatory Failure
Sudden Death

Generic Percocet Dependence and Withdrawal

Regular medicinal use of Generic Percocet does not cause any severe withdrawal symptoms. However, recreational use or drug abuse can lead to addiction and issues when quitting the drug.

If you are going to be taking Oxycodone for long durations it should be gradually tapered off. If you quit it suddenly, you run the risk of extreme withdrawal symptoms.

You should also follow the dosages advised by your doctor as the biggest risk of addiction comes from taking high quantities of the drug.

Distribution of Oxycodone After Intake

After it is taken, the Oxycodone in generic Percocet enters the bloodstream and moves to your brain. It also flows through the renal system, the digestive tract, the respiratory system and the muscular system.

It is a fast acting drug and you can start experiencing its effects within 20 minutes of intake on an empty stomach.

Generic Percocet Chemical Composition

Oxycodone, the main ingredient in generic Percocet, comes from dihydrocodeine, which is an opioid analgesic, and both are alkaline in nature with very little difference in chemical composition.

History of Oxycodone

Initially synthesized in Belgium, Oxycodone was a result of the work done by Speyer and Freund at the University of Frankfurt. The drug was created as an alternate to heroin as a pain killer, which had very severe side effects.

Bayer was the company producing heroin back then as a mainstream painkiller. However, as heroin abuse cases came forward and results showed extreme addiction and severe withdrawal symptoms, Bayer quit manufacturing the drug.

Oxycodone was released as a relatively safer medicine for alleviation of pain without the horrific side effects accompanied by heroin use.

Recreational use of Oxycodone

Opioids are known for their recreational potential and Oxycodone, or generic Percocet are no exceptions. Several people buy these drugs for pleasure and stress-relief. Their demand has made them some of the most popular medicinal drugs in the United States of America.

Generic Percocet Usage in Different Countries

According to statistics, Oxycodone is used by over 12 million people in the United States alone, and is known by various names such as cotton, pills and kickers.

Most common methods of intake include IV injections and organ ingestion since Oxycodone is not for parenteral use. Abuse cases of oxycodone and hydrocodone in 2008 led to several deaths involving the misuse of acetaminophen.

Generic Percocet in Canada

Canadian laws passed in 2013 changed public medication regulations, depriving genuine patients from purchasing generic Percocet easily. Now, even if a patient is suffering from chronic pain, he or she cannot be prescribed OxyNeo, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Even in cases where it is prescribed, the maximum prescription period usually lasts for about one year before it is discontinued.

Such patients have no options other than buying oxycodone from online pharmacies and stores such as ours.

The legislation stems from the efforts of Purdue Pharma, which wanted to prevent the abuse of oxycodone pills.

These pills were usually crushed for injections and breathing in. The resulting formulation was OxyNeo, which was not so easy to crush.

However, Purdue Pharma was later found to be misbranding the drug and are currently facing several law suits and litigation from claimants around the country.

Generic Percocet in Australia

By 2015 there were many formulations of generic Percocet available such as OxyContin and OxyNEO. Purdue Pharma did manage to create a monopoly as experts noted how most pharmaceutical companies were not able to compete with them.

We understand that Oxycodone is an essential drug for patients who are in extreme and chronic pain.

Why we make it easy to get Generic Percocet

Legislation around the world is making it more and more difficult for genuine patients to get their generic Percocet prescriptions. This is why we have made it very easy and safe for people to order generic Percocet online from our store.

This is a safe painkiller when compared to other options and does not cause addiction or withdrawal if taken within small dosages. You have to be careful with generic Percocet use if you are going to be taking it for longer than a few months.

In such cases, you should take care and use Oxycodone safely, preferably with the support and guidance of your doctor.